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Thursday, 5 April 2012

real techniques core collection

real techniques core collection brushes

I think these brushes are amazing, you get 4 brushes in a case for only £21.99. you cant really say no to that. The one I use the most is the buffing brush as i put my foundation on with this and it aply's really well. The next one is the foundation brush I don't really use this as I use the buffing brush for foundation. Also the detailer brush is very good for putting on concealer especially around the nose, you could also use it for eyeshadow. The last brush is the conture brush which I use for putting on blusher.Over all I would give these brushes 10/10 because they are good value,good quality, and good starter kits. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

barry m ice cream nail polish

These are the perfect colour for summer. They are stunning i have had so many compliments on them every time i have worn them.Also they come in at a very cheap price of £2.99 from boots or superdrug . Their are five pastel coloured nail polishes very in trend for this spring/summer.Here is the link-